Thursday, 18 March 2010

Suspended Animation

I have been remiss and neglected my blog horribly in this New Year; I cannot claim lack of material or subjects to write on but can only plead preoccupation. I have a head full of “what ifs,” “if only,” “maybes,” and “hurry ups” and seem to be spending my days in a state of waiting. We are waiting on immigration to approve our application for residency here at the end of the world. We have plans but can’t make any decisions until we have residency. We are counting the days till the Mauritian goes on leave and we can pack up our trusty $200 Nissan and make for Auckland for some well deserved holiday time and a catch up friends. The Mauritian, for some reason seems to be looking forward to my birthday, I think he is tired of being older than me! After a nine month wait, which included a week of expecting the mobile phone to buzz at any time, my newest niece finally entered the world. Sprout sure kept us all waiting in suspense! I have been waiting on phone calls from doctor’s rooms, pathology labs and pedestrians not to mention emails from all sorts of people, friends and companies. I am sure all this waiting has had the effect of speeding up the aging process because it’s left me feeling old and exhausted. It is like being in a state of suspended animation and has been the cause of some rather horrid bought of home sickness and feelings of depression, all very irritating and unnecessary. I have had to have many a talk with myself to get myself back on track, which worked well as long as I listen to myself.

I also resolved this year to finally put my fears aside and find a literary agent and begin the attempt at publishing an anthology. I was lucky that the first agency I approached is willing to work with me and help me put an anthology together. Just with that positive response I am one step closer to a dream and so much further than I thought I would be only three months into the New Year. I have had some of my poems reviewed and have been spending a lot of time editing those poems as well as choosing the poems for the anthology. I knew going into this that it would be slow, tedious, and time consuming; I did not take into account that it would consume most of my blogging time as well.
For this I must apologies to you all and now that much of the waiting and all the editing is over I shall endeavour to complete all my half done blogs and leave you all with something to read.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Naked Butterfly

I consider it a great triumph if I succeed in convincing the Butterfly to wear clothes for a full day. In fact I consider it a triumph if I can convince her to wear an item of clothing, other than her shoes, for any length of time at all.

She is co-operative and willing in the mornings to follow her routine of washing and dressing after breakfast but the first chance she gets everything comes off! I fail to understand why it is necessary to remove skirt, t-shirt and panties to use the toilet. I have watched her pour water on her shirt, look at me, smile and say: “Off Ummy, it’th wet!” I have put her to bed looking cute in her summer pjs only to find her naked the next morning. She even takes her little costume off when she wants to swim in her pool. I have tried asking her what she wants to wear, yes I know she’s too small to really know what she wants, but I was desperate, she eagerly pointed out her hat and her “flower thoeth.”Fortunately she does not argue about wearing clothes when we go out, neither has she yet attempted to strip in public, but the minute we walk through the front door she sheds everything, except her shoes! I thought perhaps it was the clothes that were uncomfortable, but she takes off the clothes that fit well. I considered perhaps she was hot, but she takes off her summer dresses just as quickly. When it’s cold she would rather be wrapped in a blanket then wear layers of clothing. In the last balmy warm weeks of summer my little Butterfly has spent perhaps every day, barring Sunday mornings, naked! I have given up trying. I was defeated after much haggling, arguing and forcing clothes onto the Butterfly so she could go out into the burning sun to have a swing, when she ripped off her clothes in absolute discussed, ran screeching to the bathroom and emerged with a bottle of sunscreen and smiling said to me “Cream Ummy, Pleeeeeeeease!!!”I surrendered to forces greater than myself when after threatening, pleading and bribing the Butterfly went waltzing through to the Mauritian saying “Papa off! It’th itchy!” I have met my Waterloo! Now as the remains of summer hang desperately onto to autumns coat tails and the days become shorter our characteristic, stubborn and independent not so little anymore Butterfly spends every day running about as naked as the day she was born sporting her all over tan.

The Butterfly does not like clothes case closed!